• The Best Brush Killers of 2023 - Picks from Bob Vila

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    By Glenda Taylor and Tony Carrick | Updated Mar 2, 2023 2:30 PM

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    Depending on which area of the country you call home, a variety of brush

  • 3 men found guilty of gunning down rapper XXXTentacion five years ago. Now what?

    by admin on 2023-03-23 15:03:07

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    After a five-year hunt for justice, the court declared Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams and Trayvon Newsome responsible for gunning down South Florida rapper XXXTentacion during a 2018 heist.

    READ MORE: Five years after XXXTentacion’s murder,

  • Review: Bamboo Airways Business Class 787 (HAN-FRA) - One Mile at a Time

    by admin on 2023-03-23 15:02:56

    To kick off the return portion of my whirlwind Aeroplan adventure, I flew Bamboo Airways’ Boeing 787-9 business class from Hanoi to Frankfurt. I’m a weird person — I get an indescribable thrill out of flying new long haul airlines for the first time, and I definitely had that

  • Ecoveritas: Waste and Recycling Myths Busted - WhatTheyThink

    by admin on 2023-03-23 15:02:47

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    Press release from the issuing company

    In a world beset by a climate crisis, recycling is one low-stakes activity that can make us feel like we're making a difference.

    Yes, recycling is yet to be a perfect process, but we owe it to our p

  • Allergy season is starting earlier and lasting longer. Here's how to handle pollen allergies - ABC7 Chicago

    by admin on 2023-03-23 15:02:41

    Spring has arrived earlier than ever before in the southern and eastern parts of the U.S., which is not good news for people with allergies.

    It's only early March, but the pollen floating around the air in the Southern and Eastern US is already eye-watering.

    In Atlanta, the po

  • FDA could widen path for OTC birth control, statins - Roll Call

    by admin on 2023-03-23 15:02:40

    A Biden administration proposal to broaden access to over-the-counter medications is drawing interest from manufacturers of products as varied as birth control, erectile dysfunction and cholesterol medication. 

    But while some companies are already altering plans to fit the proposalâ

  • RSS Feed

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    The world of photography is full of terms and phrases that can be confusing for new photographers, so PetaPixel has put together a complete glossary of everything you may want to know the meaning of if you’re just getting started. You can use the index below to jump to a parti

  • Municipal police reports for Feb. 27 through March 12 - Shelby County Reporter | Shelby County Reporter

    by admin on 2023-03-23 15:00:03

    The following incidents were reported by municipal police departments in Shelby County from Feb. 27 through March 12.

    -Driving under the influence – alcohol from 1st Avenue West at 10th Street NW (highway/road/alley/street/sidewalk).

    -Information only from the 2000 Block of D

  • Today Logo

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    When it comes to traveling, it’s no easy feat to figure out the best travel-sized beauty products to pack. They have to fit into your designated luggage space and keep your bag under the airline-approved weight. What's more, i

  • This Auto-Trigger Spray Bottle Pranks Friends, Keeps Cats Off Counters

    by admin on 2023-03-23 14:59:33

    Whether you just want to prank a friend today, or you're looking for a real solution to keep the cats off the counters or regularly mist the plants, Tinkernut has two DIY auto-triggered squirt-bottle hacks that may work for you. One's easy to make, the other's high-tech but mo