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2023-03-23 15:06:27 By : Ms. Barbara Sun

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Measured control for healthy BBQs, baking, and roasting.

By PopSci Commerce Team | Published Sep 11, 2020 9:35 PM EDT

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Over- or under-oiling your dishes is the surest way to ruin you food. If you’ve ever accidentally dumped way too much olive oil on your roasted fish, or sprayed your whole kitchen with a sticky store-bought aerosol oil can when trying to make pancakes, you know this to be true. It may be time to invest in an oil mister/sprayer.

With more control over your oil use, sprayers are not just a decadent tool—they can help you stick to a healthier diet, and make your food taste better. We found some great options for the dedicated home chef, to perfect their cooking, baking and grilling.

This sprayer has a bold, sleek ergonomic design and boasts a fan pattern sprayer which helps propel and coat foods evenly. With 1.35ml of oil per spray, you can use less oil per spray to cover foods, which help reduce calories/amount of oil consumed. Although the bottle says “Evo” the sprayer includes reusable bands to label specific oils/vinegars being used. Please note the tube in the bottle sprayer can be adjusted depending on use/amount of oil in the bottle.

Get a set of two glass bottles that boast precise measurements listed in both millilitres and ounces with this option. While designed to mist out oils, the dispenser can also be used for many different seasonings, such as vinegars, soy sauce, lime juice and more. The bottles are made from stainless steel, food-grade glass, and BPA plastic. To operate, you pump the sprayer to release a fine mist, which helps spread the oil evenly on your food. The package also includes a cleaning brush and funnel.

This simple sprayer has an hourglass-shaped design which makes it easy to hold and operate and allows for maximum oil storage on the bottom of the container. It also has a threaded bottle neck to keep cap on securely, and a texturized skid-resistant bottom to help prevent sliding of countertops. In addition, the sprayer is designed with a hidden pump to protect the nozzle from being blocked.

Our last option is made entirely of aluminum, inside and out, so it’s a great choice if you don’t want the pressure of taking care of delicate glass. This sprayer is reusable, and you need to specifically follow the directions in order to pump the cap and build the pressure in the can to deliver an optimal spray. Be aware that incorrectly screwing on the cap could affect the ability to pump and build up pressure in the can.

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