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2023-03-23 15:01:06 By : Mr. Dommy Zheng

On the contrary, every hot girl knows that smelling good, feeling smooth, and caring for her hair, skin, and nails are key to confidence and poise. Without further ado, here’s the tested and true hot girl’s guide to primping and perfect hygiene. 

​​Ever walk into a nice-looking room that smells a little off? We all know that dank smells are totally distracting. 

But you're different. You smell divine because the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning, you use the restroom, brush and floss your teeth, and put on deodorant. Plus, you shower regularly, so no worries there. Habit stacking is the way to go here: Associate an action or event (such as the alarm ringing) with a thought, such as I need to brush my teeth and apply deodorant. No woman can look or feel her best with BO or morning breath. 

Once your teeth are clean and your body odor is minimized, it’s time for a highly effective body lotion. Applying moisturizer daily not only keeps dry, flaky skin at bay, but it keeps your skin plump and nourished — an important part of youthful-looking skin especially as you get older. You could always play it safe with an unscented version, but I prefer a gourmand coconut or vanilla smell for a hint of sweetness. Personally, I love the Method Simply Nourish lotion. Not only will this keep you smelling like a goddess, but it’ll also keep everything soft and hydrated. 

We all have days when we’re rushing out the door, leaving the razor behind. But how uncomfortable is it to have stiff little hairs poking out of your tights at work? TMI? Perhaps. But a necessary observation. We don’t want any little dark hairs on our legs, underarms, or upper lips. To be frank: Most hot girls favor hair removal over the wild look. 

Often times a standard four-blade razor, tweezer, and face razor will do the trick. Just remember to clean and replace them regularly (and when appropriate). While shaving (legs, body, or face) is quick, inexpensive and generally painless, it also doesn't last long.

If you have thick or fast-growing hair, you may want to consider waxing or laser hair removal. The benefit of these services is remaining hairless longer between treatments, no stubble (hair grows in softer because it's plucked at the root rather than shaved to a blunt edge), and over time, hair growth diminishes, if not stops altogether. However, both waxing and laser come with a heftier price tag. That being said, most med spas and waxing studios offer package deals that can make it easier to fit into your budget.

The other part of feeling smooth is exfoliation. Not only does this remove dry skin, but it also works to keep ingrown hairs at bay. To keep the face smooth, try a liquid exfoliant such as Paula’s Choice BHA twice a week after cleansing and before moisturizing. For the body, depending on your skin’s sensitivity, you could dry brush, use a gentle scrub, or even cleanse with a loofa in the shower. 

Hair care is a hot topic nowadays, and the number of specialty products on the market can be overwhelming. But for simplicity's sake, my advice is to keep your hair clean and moisturized. Every head of hair is a bit different, but the moment it could pass as oily, hop in the shower and give it a wash and condition (with a little moisturizing spray on the ends if you have it). 

When you can, leave your mane in a microfiber towel and let it air dry. The second best option is to blow dry it on cool or warm. If you need to style your hair, try using a round brush and the blow dryer before reaching for the iron. This can be less damaging and better at preserving hair health. If you decide to use hot tools, make sure the setting stays around 350 degrees, even if you have thick hair. If your hair is fine, make sure to stay at a lower temp (between 200-300 degrees). Always err on the cooler side to avoid damaging your hair.

Ultimately, as long as your tresses are well-maintained (don't forget a regular trim even if you have long hair), and remain oil-free and shiny, you’ll look like a clean girl in no time. 

I won’t over-explain the importance of a good skincare routine. But I will say that even with a good drugstore face wash, exfoliant (see above), moisturizer, and sunscreen, you’ll have a twice-daily system that’s easy to follow, practical, and powerful. It doesn't have to be an elaborate system, nor do you need expensive products, but beginning regular care early will keep your skin looking younger longer.

Whatever you’ve got – acne-prone, freckles, texture, what have you – your skin makes you unique, so treat it well! 

Lastly, caring for nails is a staple of hot girl hygiene for good reason. Well-kept, clean nails represent femininity and cleanliness to the world, making your first impression wherever you go a great one. Nip errant skin and hangnails, make sure your nails are free from dirt and grime, and if you're a nail-biter, there's no time like the present to try and quit the habit. Not only is unhealthy to put your dirty fingers in your mouth, but over time, you'll shorten the nail plate from all the gnawing, that even when you stop, you'll have short, stubby nails.

My advice? Always err on the side of caution with your nails. I try to keep mine short and slightly rounded, adding a coat of Essie Ballet Slippers when I can. It’s versatile and inexpensive. I would recommend this nail routine to anyone looking to feel elegant and put together. 

As a hot girl, you know feeling clean and fresh is an honor and a privilege. And with a few basic practices, you’ll look and feel your best wherever life takes you. Now, pop a deodorant in your purse and go wow the world. 

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